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PSE Index Another Record High at 4,943.84

Posted by – February 21, 2012

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The PSE Index – 20 February 2012

The PSE index made a new record high of 4,943.84, adding 63.13 points or +1.30%.
A total of 13,352,691,362 shares changed hands with a turnover value of Php 10,576,365,616.99. Advancers won against decliners, 105 to 63, another 41 stocks unchanged.

Index Advancers are ALI 21.50 +4.88%, SMPH 17.50 +8.02%, AEV 46.90 +4.22%, BDO 67.75 +5.37% while Index Decliners are TEL 2,826 -1.12%, SMC 115 -1.20%,AGI 10.60 -1.49%,SM 647 -0.46%.

Index to Break the 5,000 Barrier?

The Index needs a few more points to hit the 5,000 psychological resistance. Hopefully, it will be breached before the end of February.


Mining and Oil Sector

Oil stocks are still the favourite of investors as you may have noticed Philodrill or OV, OPM, PXP and BSC going up while Mining stocks are on the sidelines. LC/LCB on the other hand gained +5.92% and +3.49% today, we might expect MA/B, PX, ZHI to follow.

Asian Markets Collapse; US stocks on Biggest Drop

Posted by – August 9, 2011

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The PSE Index – 8 Aug. 2011

The PSE index did a Monday bloodletting as it lost 106.31 points or 2.4% closing at 4,331.24, Aug. 8, 2011. The rest of the Asian markets were all in the red as a knee-jerk reaction from the US downgrade by Standard & Poors. Nikkei225 and Hang Seng lost 1.87% and 4.04% respectively, Shanghai -3.44% while Straits Times Index lost 3.7%.

The index top losers were RLC, AGI, AEV, URC and MBT. Among notable top gainers were PWR, WIN, EVER and ZHI, which is also the most active stock of the day.

The PSE Index Chart

PSEi - 8 Aug 2011

As we can see on the PSE index chart, technically, we’re still on an uptrend since the ichimoku cloud is still below the candlesticks. It seems like this is only a 60% fibonacci retracement from our previous highs. As long as the index doesn’t go below the kumo, I’m confident that we can maintain the uptrend. Furthermore, the RSI is already at 31%, near oversold level, time for traders and investors to buy back.

Let the US and European countries solve their own economic issues and worry their self-made problems, let’s just focus on our Philippine economy and invest for the long term.

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Large Cap Stocks on the Sidelines

Now that the blue chips are experiencing a sell-off, I think most of the traders will play the 2nd and 3rd liner stocks, mining companies were also hit badly except Manila Mining, MA, who remained flat. I think the penny stocks will re-emerge.

I’m seeing East Asia, PWR, maintaining a 1.91 support, which formed a doji candlestick pattern, a battle between the bulls and the bears, but considering an 11.11% close, it might continue to gain back its loyalists.

Zeus Holdings,ZHI, traded a record volume of 615.7M shares on Monday but it closed a modest gain of 1.61% or P1.26/share, a resistance at 1.35 needs to be taken out before it resumes up or it might start to correct on Tuesday.   

Basic Energy, BSC, remained strong at 0.3350 but experienced a sell-off before the end of the bell, closing at 0.3150. If 0.31 breaks, then prepare to cut.

Although this is not a penny stock, Cebu Air (CEB), owner of Cebu Pacific, seems a good bargain at P80.00, with an immediate target price of P92-96, but of course, it’s best if you can get it at P77 apiece. Winking smile

Gold Watch


Gold is on a new record high, now at $1,717 or $1,700 level, as Goldman Sachs forecasts gold to hit $1,860 next year, 2012, everyone is on a gold rush! Angry smile

US Stocks Avalanche – 8 Aug, 2011


As of this writing, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost a whopping 634 points or 5.5%, the biggest drop since 2008! This is only the beginning of the week, expect more woes in the coming days. Surprised smile

Good luck to us all!


illustrations courtesy of 123rf.com
Charting software by Chartnexus.com

PSE recovered; Zeus Holdings Disclosure

Posted by – August 5, 2011

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The PSE Index – 4 August, 2011

The Philippine Stock Exchange index bounced back after a 2-day slump closing at 4,501.53, adding 13.08 points. Market breadth was positive, gainers outnumbered losers, 88 to 64; while 29 stocks were unchanged.

ZHI,  On Most Active and Top Gainers List

Zeus Holdings Inc, ZHI’s price action today most probably was a reaction to the disclosure provided by ZHI to the Phil. Stock Exchange dated Aug. 3, 2011.

“We refer to your memo dated 3 August 2011, directing Zeus Holdings, Inc. (“ZHI”) to comment on the news article under Biz Buzz column entitled “Invoking Zeus” posted in the 2 August 2011 issue of Inquirer. net, which article reported in part that:

Mining magnate Felipe Yap is beginning to unlock more value out of his assets and we’re not just talking about Lepanto and Manila Mining. In recent weeks, there has been a noticeable surge in trading activity on dormant holding firm Zeus Holdings, which is also affiliated with the Chinoy businessman. Based on its charts, Zeus was largely stagnant until July this year when it started to climb and even appear on the daily “actives” list. From only 20 centavos in June, its stock price has risen by nearly five times to close at 94 centavos Tuesday. Is the market again smelling a new deal in the making? Stock pundits say this is due to expectations that South African gold mining giant Gold Fields-Yap’s prospective partner in the Far Southeast mining project-is looking for a potential backdoor­ listing vehicle if and when it exercises its option to acquire a controlling stake in the mining project. Such a listed vehicle will after all assure an easier exit mechanism in the future.

As a matter of policy, we do not comment on rumors affecting ZHI.

As previously disclosed, ZHI is involved in continuing discussions with potential partners for the acquisition and/or exploration of mining claims in the Philippines. Rest assured that in the event any agreement regarding the foregoing is firmed up, we shall make the necessary disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

medianet_width=’336′; medianet_height= ’280′; medianet_crid=’222383364′;

ZHI Chart – 4 Aug 2011

Now, let’s set aside the rumors and talk in technical terms. From ZHI’s chart, it formed a pennant. If you’d measure the bottom of the pole at 0.18 until the top of the pennant at 0.88, then project it upwards, you should expect a target price of P1.58-1.60, but don’t expect the TP to be hit in a day. It might take a couple of days or weeks.


Please take note that this is not a recommendation to buy the mentioned stock above, you are responsible for every trade that you make.

Good luck to all Zeus holders. Let’s hope that the Philippine Mining Companies remain strong.

As of this writing, 5 August 2011, 3:00 AM, Singapore time, Wallstreet plunges 3% on Economic uncertainty! Brace yourselves folks! God help America…

DJIA down 3 percent-Aug2011