Share This Article: Thoughts to ponderโ€ฆ battle of Philippine coal mines, also a battle between fear and greed. Daily Chart of SCC, Semirara Mining Corp Semirara Mining Corp, SCC, plunged to as low as P220/share or -14.66% in the morning trading session due to the news on the companyโ€™s mining […]


Share This Article: US stocks climbed as Euro-zone finance ministers gave Greece two weeks to approve stricter austerity measures in the latest effort to deal with its debt crisis. Also, the S&P500 dipped toward 1,259.78, its 200-day moving average, encouraging buyers. ย  For technical traders, a 200-day Moving Average,ย  is […]

Is it Time to Bounce Back?

Share This Article: Hi guys, it’s been quite some time since my last post. Due to the middle east crisis and the recent Japan mega quake, I have just been an spectator of the Philippine stock market. I’ve already sold all my positions since the Dow dropped to more than […]