Share This Article: The PSE Index – February 24, 2012 The PSE index didn’t move much on Friday as it shed a mere 0.48 points to close at 4,893.00. Belle Corp (-7.60%), Jollibee Foods Corp (-4.58%) and EDC (-3.81%) led the index losers. On the brighter side, Aboitiz Power (AP […]

Will it Hit 5,000 this Week?

Share This Article: US stocks climbed as Euro-zone finance ministers gave Greece two weeks to approve stricter austerity measures in the latest effort to deal with its debt crisis. Also, the S&P500 dipped toward 1,259.78, its 200-day moving average, encouraging buyers.   For technical traders, a 200-day Moving Average,  is […]

Is it Time to Bounce Back?