Would you buy an iPhone6? | iPhone 6 cost in Manila

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The Cost of iPhone6 in the Philippines vs. Singapore

Have you been waiting to get your hands on the latest iPhone? Since it was launched yesterday, Sept. 19th, here in Singapore, there have been madness, frenzy, and mass hysteria! People have been queuing up for hours if not days, just to buy the iPhone6, for whatever reason that they have. Since it’s none of my business to stop the humanity from purchasing this wonderful, awesome and aesthetically appealing product of Apple, I couldn’t care less.

What bothers me is the price difference between the price of iPhone6 here versus the price in Manila, from the cheapest to the most expensive specifications. I’ve recently known that the iPhone6 is already available in the Philippines via Rocket Internet’s online retailer Lazada.com.ph. I then compared the price of the phone from Apple’s online store in Singapore, store.apple.com and here’s what I found.

Not surprisingly, the cost of iPhone6 in Manila is almost double in price as compared to Singapore’s. Take note that as of this writing, the forex rate of 1 SGD is P34.50. You may check the pictures below for your visual reference.

Cost of iPhone6 (Singapore vs Philippines)

iPhone6 cost in Manila

What am I trying to imply here?

I’m giving you a freedom to think, to ponder, to make a wise decision. Do you really need to buy a new phone? Please don’t get me wrong here, I’m not an anti-Apple product. Personally, I have an iPhone and an Android-phone, which i both loved. Each smartphones have their pros and cons, which I wouldn’t discuss on this topic. If you’re a high net worth individual, please go ahead and buy the luxuries of this world, you deserved it. But if you’re not, please do yourself a favor, go think about it, think about it for a day, weeks, or even a year. Your P100,000.00 (USD 2,246.00) can go a long way, invest it in a business, in the stock market, in your financial education, in personality development or career development seminars, in anything that will improve your financial situation or your character.

So tell me, would you buy an iPhone6?


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