The Bloodbath is Over… Or is it? 2

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The PSE Index – 13 June 2013

2013-Jun13-PSEi Index

June 13, 2013 is a historic day in the Philippine stock market! This is probably the biggest one-day-plunge for the PSE index since October 2008. Today, it closed at 6114.08, shedding 442.57 points (–6.75%). If my charting software serves me right, today’s close touched the 200 day Moving Average, the index should bounce from here, if not, the next line of defense is at 5,900.

This crash is worth noting since it only happens once in a decade… or is it?


Below is the monthly historical chart of the PSE index.



Asian Markets – 13 June 2013

Asian markets tumbled, Japan’s Nikkei225 plunged at a record 12,445.38, -843.94‎ (-6.35%‎). Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index shed 467.62 points (-2.19%) closing at 467.62 while Singapore’s Straits Times Index losing 22.79 points (-0.72%) 3,130.69.

More details on Japan’s stock market crash on Bloomberg


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    hi Blue, yes, i’m working here in Singapore. I’m using Chartnexus as my charting software, you may go to for more details. Cheers!